User Experience Cloud




The UX-Cloud contains User Experiences (UX) and behaviors across the globe. It is very important to consider UX in the development process of digital products, because you can avoid mistakes and even find better solutions to optimise the digital product for the client. And here is the question: How well do you know your clients? UX-Cloud offers many opportunities  you should include in your development process.

The UX-Cloud collects the results of the Global UX-Surveys from Germany, Turkey, India, Japan and the U.S.A.. Including the Human Interface Design it reflects also the habits, lifestyles, different cultures and religions. Additionally, it reveals significant empirical values of a user when interacting (application & usage) with high-end digital devices.


Human Interface Design

A digital Interface must be usable, useful and attractive as it is developped for a variety of users. Cultural aspects should be considered in the development process of digital products and services as well.


UX-Cloud Process

The UX-Cloud looks for differences and similarities as well as cultural diversity in the Interfaces in various countries. The use of UX is of great importance.


How to get acess to UX-Results

First of all, you have to particpate in the Global UX-Survey. You will find instructions under  the menu Item „Function“.